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Kawasaki Ultra 300X 2011

Kawasaki Ultra 300X

Year: 2011
Lenght: 132.7 inchesPrice Range: €16,300

This new Jet Ski from Kawasaki is powered by a supercharged 2 litre engine which produces an amazing 300hp, which makes it the most powerful PWC to date.

Kawasaki is laying claim to having the fastest Jet Ski in all water conditions, think we would need a battle to confirm this, as the Sea-Doo RXT-X aS is also a beast with a 0-30 mph acceleration time of 1.7 seconds.

The Kawasaki owes most of its horses to the new Eaton TVS supercharger. Its claimed this new supercharger delivers a consistent flow of air through the power band to give a smoother response from the throttle.

This Kawasaki Ultra 300X monster has been limited in the USA to a top speed of 67 MPH. Once the limiter is take off I�m sure it would be in the 70�s or even 80�s.
The ECO mode is a great feature which reduces fuel consumption by up to 15%, even with this economy Kawasaki have still managed to maintain the aggressive power of the Ultra 300X.

Kawasaki have moved to an electric throttle on the Ultra 300X which allows for new features such as cruise control and no-wake mode.

2011 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 300X Specs

Length 132.7 inches
Beam 47.0 inches
Curb Weight 1,040.8 lbs
Engine Four-cylinder DOHC EFI; Supercharged/Intercooled
Displacement 1,498 cc
Bore and Stroke 83mm x 69.2mm
Compression Ratio 8.4:1
Rated Horsepower 300
Fuel Capacity 20.6 gal.
Combined Stowage Capacity 60 gal.
Colors Ebony/Lime Green, Ebony/Sunbeam Red
Price in USA $14,499

Price:    €16,300
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